Monday, May 10, 2010

OLTP Benchmark - CPUVPs

I currently have 4 CPUVPs configured for my 2 dual core CPUs. Can I get more from my physical CPUs if I create more CPUVPs?

The last TPM running 4 CPUVPs was 6187.

If I increase CPUVPs to 6, what happens? I get a decreased TPM of 6042 is what happens.

Maybe I was too aggressive, what if I just increase CPUVPs to 5, just 1 more CPUVP than real processors? Well, I get a TPM of 6027 and I'm done trying to increase CPUVPs to increase performance. At least on my hardware for this benchmark anyway.

What if I reduce CPUVPs to 3? I get a TPM of 6173, better than when I increased CPUVPs but worse (but not by much) than running 4 CPUVPs on a machine with 4 CPUs.

For now I'm going to stick with my original configuration as far as number of CPUVPs goes.

What about affinity? Would it help to pin my 4 CPUVPs down to a physical CPU and prevent my oninit processes from jumping around from CPU to CPU?

Unfortunately, that didn't work to well either giving me a TPM of 6083. Pffffffffffffft, what a bummer. No improvements today.

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