Sunday, August 1, 2010

IIUG Insider #121 - New Informix Packaging

I was up late playing some poker on the interwebs and the IIUG Newsletter hit my Inbox. I was knocked out of the tournament just shy of the money shortly thereafter. Gary, you owe me the $1.75 I was going to win from my freeroll because the two events are clearly related.

In case you don't get these delivered to your Inbox (did you know IIUG membership is free?) the new Insider can be found on the IIUG Website and contains a super awesome writeup (much better than my feeble attempt) on the new Informix packaging.

Wow! Look at all that stuff that comes with Growth and Ultimate Editions now. I'm really happy to see Enterprise Replication included for no additional charge in the Choice, Growth and Ultimate Editions. Even awesomer is ER getting included in the free for production Innovator-C Edition.

If you have never used ER, let me just say it is freakin' awesome. The day we replaced our trigger based replication (and the in house application from the 9th circle of Hell called change_log) was a good day.

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