Thursday, August 12, 2010

Take a 10 Minute 1 Page Survey - Win a Giant iPod

Everyone has their favorite Informix uptime story. Mine is about the time I came across a 5.0 instance that had been running for years. I thought it was neat, I had never seen a version earlier than 7.2x and when I asked the other people in my group why they hadn't told me about this instance they were just as shocked as I was to find it still running. The damn thing had been running quietly in the background, still doing work mind you, and since it caused no problems they simply forgot it existed!

Oninit, Advanced Data Tools and IBM are conducting a survey to collect Informix uptime and DBA resource data to be used in a "Continuous Availability White Paper" that will be distributed, as Advanced Data Tools puts it, to every CTO, IT Director and IT Manager along with a list of all major application vendors now porting their applications to Informix and a list of key reasons to choose Informix.

I took the survey yesterday and it was quick and painless. Seriously. 1 page, in and out in 10 minutes and as a special thank you for filling out the survey I was entered into a drawing for and iPad.

If you have not yet taken the survey you have to hurry because it is over soon (Friday?).

Here be the link:

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