Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Table Level Restore - Pretty Useful Stuff

"Hello Andrew. Yeah, well, um we kind of ran an update with a bad where clause and messed up some of our data. Can you fix just the rows we updated?"

"Oh yeah, sure. We've got the backups and the logs so we'll be OK."

"How long will it take? This is production and it is kind of a big deal"

"You're in luck. Informix has a feature called Table Level Restore that allows me to extract only the rows we want from a backup in a few minutes. Without this feature we would have to perform a full restore to a test engine, which can take hours, and then extract the rows from the restored instance."

"Oh thank heavens we run Informix and not some other database engine that doesn't have this feature."

Table-Level Restore

You can use Table-Level Restore (TLR) to extract an entire table or a subset of rows in a table from your backups. The feature has been around since version 10, is easy to use and can come in really handy if you find yourself in the situation I described above.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Promoting the 2011 IIUG Informix Conference

Bear with me for one more "Non Technical Pimp the 2011 IIUG Informix Conference" post. After this we'll get back to the good stuff. I had to take advantage of Table Level Restore last night and will be writing about that experience soon.

One of the things the IIUG Conference Planning Committee is doing to promote Informix and the conference this year is to run a Google Ads campaign. We're running text ads world wide that are displayed when you search for Informix related terms and on web sites containing content relevant to Informix. We're also running banner ads across the globe that appear on the web sites we think Informix users frequent.

This is a very inexpensive way for us to promote the conference, which we like since our main objective is to provide a great conference to Informix users while keeping the registration fee very affordable (you can register for the 3 day conference for as low as $525 between now and January 31!). The jury is still out as to how effective this form of advertising will be for us, but it is worth every penny to see Informix appear in an advertisement when I'm online.

I have two favors to ask:

Saturday, December 4, 2010

2011 IIUG CPC - Day 2, Matrigrid Continues to Take Shape

Making the Final Decisions on Sessions and Scheduling them to Avoid Conflicts


Friday, December 3, 2010

2011 IIUG Conference Planning Committee - Day 1, The Matrigrid Starts to Take Shape

Hand picking the 80+ sessions from a record number of submitted abstracts

Getting a Handle on the Hands on Labs

 I spy with my little eye: nutritional snacks, a borrowed bell and a potential electrical fire

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bloggin Ain't Easy

Have I really not written anything since August? Wow, my bad.

What can I say? I haven't been wearing my Informix DBA hat at work lately. I've been playing Python developer so my attention has been focused on other things. That's one of the great things about Informix, it runs so well that I don't have to devote 100% of my time to keeping the engines humming. This is great for me because I get to do some development work which I find interesting and my company gets to use me as a Software Engineer when the DBA workload is low.

So what got me focused on Informix again? Well, I just printed my boarding pass for a flight tomorrow to attend an IIUG Conference Planning Committee meeting this weekend. This is my first year volunteering for the CPC and I'm excited to be part of this group that has consistently put on a great conference for the Informix community.

If you haven't heard, the 2011 IIUG Informix Conference will be held May 15th - 18th at the Overland Park Marriott in Kansas and you can find a lot more information at the conference website.

The theme of the conference for 2011 is to Go Cruising with Informix. Come learn from to the best and the brightest Informix speakers about how you can take advantage of your Informix engines and take advantage of the cruise like all inclusive nature of the conference which includes meals, drinks and entertainment.

Among other conference logistic planning things the CPC will be putting together the session grid for the conference this weekend, no easy task. We've received A TON of submissions this year and it will be our job to pick the right sessions and schedule them appropriately to maximize your training dollars.

Speaking of your training dollars. If you have them, then there is no better way to spend them then on the IIUG conference. Of course I have to say this as a member of the IIUG Board of Directors and now the CPC, but here are some numbers and you can be the judge.

Early Bird Registration (Before February 1, 2011) is $625 and if you're an IIUG member (it is freakin' free to join) you get $100 off conference registration.

That's $525 for the conference registration. Show me where you can get 3 full days of Informix training by the people who actually wrote the code, great food (breakfast, lunch and food at every night time activity), drinks (open bar dude!), entertainment, free internet, access to the vendors in the EXPO hall and free IBM certification training for $525. You can't. You simply can not beat the value this conference provides.

If you need something a little more formal than the promise of an open bar to show your boss, check the Conference Website for a full Conference Justification write up.