Tuesday, June 21, 2011

North American Informix 11.7 Roadshow Schedule

Happy to see IBM scheduled 4 Informix Roadshows in my part of the world, especially the one for Austin, TX which will be walking distance from my house.

I've never been able to attend a Roadshow because it wasn't feasible for me to travel to San Jose or NYC but I've already reserved my spot for July 12 and 13. I hope to see some new faces and get a chance to talk about the greatness of this product with people getting to know Informix for the first time.

I hope there is one in your area that you can attend!

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
     July 7 & 8    9 am - 5 pm    
     IBM 1360, boulevard Reni-Livesque Ouest  Montrial, Quibec H3G 2W6  Room: 7th Floor, Room 629

Austin, TX
     July 12 & 13    9 am - 5 pm      NOTE: Registration closes July 7!!
     IBM 11301 Burnet Road, Bldg. 101  Austin, Tx 78758-3493   Walnut Room, 02-2J008

Seattle, WA
     July 26 & 27    9 am - 5 pm    
     IBM 1200 5th Ave  Seattle, WA 98101  Room 9-9020

Minneapolis, MN
     August 2 & 3    9 am - 5 pm    
     IBM 650 Third Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55402   Lake Superior Room A 04-429

Here are the details of the FREE 2 day technical deep dive and hands on labs

Day 1:
  • Introductions and logistics
  • Informix Marketing overview
  • New general database and Data Warehouse features
  • Informix Flexible Grid and Hands-on lab
Day 2:
  • Application development enhancements
  • Backup to Cloud
  • New Informix instance administration features
  • Informix Automatic Storage Provisioning and Hands-on lab

IBM will be providing a complimentary continental breakfast and lunch each day. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Merge Statement

Introduced in 11.50.xC5 and enhanced in 11.50.xC6 the Merge statement is a nice addition that I really didn't pay much attention to until I learned how it works in preparation for the 11.70 certification exam.

The Merge statement gives you the ability to perform the following SPL in pure SQL:
foreach with hold

      price = L_price
      id = L_id;

   if dbinfo('sqlca.sqlerrd2') = 0 then
      insert into warehouse_products (id, price) values (L_id, L_price);
   end if;
end foreach;  
Here is the Merge statement accomplishing the same thing with only SQL:
merge into warehouse_products w using products p on
   w.id = p.id
when matched then 
   update set w.price = p.price
when not matched then 
   insert (w.id, w.price) values (p.id, p.price);
Check out the Informix Information Center for more information about deleting on a match, using external tables as the source table and using collection-derived tables as the source table.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meter Data Management Pitfalls (and How to Avoid Them)

Smart Grid News.Com is hosting a free "Lessons from the Real World" webinar featuring leading experts from IBM talking about how the underlying database solution you choose is critical to Meter Data Management (MDM) projects and the importance of getting this decision right from the beginning.

IBM, Smart Meters, Databases......are you thinking what I'm thinking? The IBM experts should talk extensively (if not exclusively) about Informix TimeSeries in this webinar.

Sign up for the FREE webinar to hear what IBM leading experts have to say about Informix TimeSeries and its roll in the MDM market or be there represent Informix if they don't.

Smart Grid News.Com Webinar
Meter Data Management Pitfalls (and How to Avoid Them)
Wednesday, June 8, 2011 1:30 PM Eastern (10:30 AM Pacific)
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