Monday, July 2, 2012

IIUG Insider Issue #144 - June 2012

If you don't get the IIUG Insider delivered directly to your inbox, you may not be aware that June Insider has just been published.

Here is the editorial, which I always find interesting and sometimes harsh, but fair.

Where is Informix Innovator-C?

If you are interested in installing Informix Innovator-C I have bad news for you. It has been removed for quite a while. The download link is still there but clicking on the download button issues the following error message:

The link which brought you here is invalid. Please reload the previous page and try again. message code: 57e

This is going on for weeks. Nagging IBM about it had no effect so far. One would expect an explanation as to why it was removed and will it be back and when. But when it is about Informix a generic error message seems to be sufficient.

I do know it was deliberately removed. I was promised it will be back but this promise was not kept so far. Rumors say it will be downgraded. What exactly will be taken out? I have no idea. Why take features out? Let's speculate together.

Is it because the Informix install base is too delighted and IBM is trying to cool us down? Or maybe it is because Informix is so powerful that the Innovator-C edition could actually run a business preventing companies from buying the paid editions? My favorite is the second. I believe that by now even IBM management realizes we are not delighted. And my guess is that IBM did not realize that unlike other free products they are offering this one really works.

Gary Ben-Israel
IIUG Insider Editor

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