Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fix list for Informix 11.70.xC6

As Fernando Nunes already pointed out, 11.70.xC6 was released October 23. New releases always pique my interest and the first thing I do is checkout the What's New page in the documentation. After I sift through the new features list and mentally classify them into "Yes! Finally", "Useful", "Meh" and "I'll Bet Someone Needs That, But I Don't" groups I like to take a look at the non feature additions to the release, the bug fixes.

You can check out the 11.70.xC6 fixes here.

I always have mixed emotions when I look at this list. First I quickly scroll down to see how long the list is, it is always a long list, and I wonder how in the world is my engine that is multiple fix packs behind is even still running, much less functioning, if I have all these bugs?!

Then I start to look at the list a little more closely and realize most of the bugs are cosmetic or pretty rare and my heart rate settles more as I check out my year long engine uptimes and try to think of the last time we had a major problem that was caused by an Informix bug (I want to say it was 2006).

What do you think? Is the long list of Informix bug fixes an indication of releasing features without adequate testing or is it a positive sign that IBM can devote resources to fixing minor problems like "THE IMPLICIT CAST BETWEEN CHAR AND DECIMAL IN UNION ALL SELECT WITH BINARY OPERATION PLUS 0 RETURNS ERROR -308"?

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