Wednesday, December 12, 2012

eSeminar - Informix and Analytics/Data Warehouse

IBM is sponsoring a eSeminar (webinar, webcast, whatever) titled "How to Lower Costs by Combining Analytical & Transactional Applications" on December 18, 2012 at 12 PM ET/9 AM PT.

If you read into the details, this is an Informix pitch, which is nice:
The holy grail of analytic technologies has long been the promise of predicting future outcomes by analyzing data "as things happen", allowing for rapid business insights and responsiveness. Challenges still remain, however, it an IT world faced with big data, cloud-hosted applications, and enterprise data warehouses.

Philip Howard, Research Director of Data Management for Bloor Research, has published many research papers, articles, and blog posts on the topics of analytics and analytic applications. His recent analysis of IBM Informix software led Philip to conclude: "… for hybrid environments, IBM Informix software has a number of unique capabilities that cannot be matched by either conventional data warehousing vendors or traditional data warehouses."

In this eSeminar, Philip will discuss various types of analytics and data warehouse environments and the facilities required to support each. There will also be an overview of Informix functionality from Kevin Brown, Informix Database Chief Architect, IBM.

I assume this presentation will cover IWA or TimeSeries and how awesome they are and will hopefully reach some people who aren't already in the know about Informix like yourself.

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