Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Where Are They Now?

Where did I find this picture, can you identify anyone in this picture and what is the guy on the left looking at on the ground?



  1. What? No guesses? I don't recognize anyone. They are a pretty salty bunch, I wouldn't want to run into this gang late at night in a dark alley.

    And seriously, what is yellow shirt with sandals guy looking at?

  2. Hmmm.... Should we recognize anyone? Are they Informix related? It reminds me a photo you could reach on ClientSDK "about" tab... don't recall which version...
    On the other hand the tall guy behind the one with the yellow shirt... British?
    I dunno... Just wondering...

    1. Honestly, I'm not sure if we should recognize anyone or not. This is some random JPG in the $INFORMIXDIR/jdbc/demo/clob-blob directory that I thought was interesting in an Easter egg kind of way and was wondering if anyone would recognize someone from the old Informix days.

  3. Ah... yes... Well... I don't think I recognize anyone either... But it really looks or reminds me of a picture you could see in Setnet32 (probably on 2.90) if you click the "About" tab, then on another tab and then baclk to the "About".
    So it may well be an older picture of the client API dev team...

    Nice catch :)