Thursday, May 3, 2018

Hello Blogger, My Old Friend...'s time for me to write something on you again.

I haven't been writing here because I only want to write when I have something new and interesting to say and...well...I haven't had anything new or interesting to write about Informix because at this point my engines just behave themselves and run and run and run and run so I've been off in development land doing things with Python, some Javascript and a little bit of NoSQL (calm down).

That all changed with the return of the Chat with the Labs last week where Nick Geib from HCL spend a good hour and a half showing us the new HCL Informix on Amazon Web Servics (AWS) offering and my interest was piqued.

I've done some basic playing around with it and in future posts I want to tell you about some basic performance tests I've run, setting up encrypted communication so you can safely talk to these AWS instances over the public internet, how to use AWS instances to shard a relational table over multiple instances and how to dynamically (mostly) scale the number of shards up or down. It's preeeeetty cool stuff.

For now, here's a quick introduction to HCL Informix on AWS.

HCL Informix is available as an Amazon Machine Instance (AMI), meaning when you launch an EC2 AWS instance (i.e. a virtual server) HCL Informix is already installed and running (it's also configured to automatically shutdown safely when you stop the instance).

This is great for developers and DBAs with no Informix experience because it removes one barrier to entry for getting to know Informix, the installation, configuration and initialization which has always been a lot harder than say other engines like MySQL.

You pay by the hour and you don't pay when the EC2 instance is stopped. If you just want to play around with the technology, you can be up in running in minutes and shut it down when you're done.

The HCL Informix AMI is available on (almost?) every EC2 instance type, so you can try it out on a t2.small instance (1 core/2GB RAM) for $0.10/hour or on the HCL recommended m4.xlarge instance (4 cores/16GB) for $2.351/hour or you can get crazy and run on a x1e.32xlarge (128 cores/3904GB) for $95.505/hour.

You can see for yourself at the AWS Marketplace.

Here's another cool thing. Everything is included in that price. You get the Enterprise Edition with all of the add ons for one price. Partitioning, PDQ, no CPU or disk limits, compression, IWA, MACH11. HCL calls this the ME version. Nick says it stands for "My Edition", I say it stands for "Most Everything™"

That's all for now, but I would be remiss if I didn't take this opportunity to plug the IIUG World 2018 Informix event in Washington, DC October 28 to November 1, 2018.

Early Registration is now open (save $275) and we are now accepting Speaker Proposals (save 100%) and we even have a new website from this century and a Twitter account you can follow @IIUGWorld2018 for the latest updates.


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